Prof. Deepti Ganapathy


Journalism as a course, perhaps on face value may sound immaterial to a management student, but I believe the course has given me a broader understanding of how media functions and the way information flows through different mediums, something which is very contextually relevant. And the various interactive exercises included by Prof. Deepti- be it tackling press meets, interviews or making a documentary, have taught me how to structure my thoughts and present them so they are best suited for external communication, rather than the office setups which we are usually prepared for in the other courses.

Anmol Madan
Participant | IIM Indore


Communication has become a major part in the realm of the corporates. We are faced with a situation where one needs to be both intellectually and physically ready at all times. Dr. Deepti Ganapathy took two of our courses, in Journalism and Public Relations. Such courses require a good balance of theoretical and practical approaches and our teacher devised an outline which optimised the best of both these worlds. You understand the difference once you venture into corporate communication. There is a boost of confidence and conviction that I have noticed in my communications and thinking, and a huge credit goes to these courses I underwent.

Surjo Sankar Sarkar
Participant | IIM Indore


The course Public Relations, has been my first exposure to PR as a communication and strategic tool. The course, and particularly in the way it was delievered, has made me appreciate its usage and possibilities as an alternative to traditional marketing. The course was loaded with activities and real cases to balance off the theories and that has made the course both a refreshing and learning experience. Further, the interactive Skype sessions with PR experts organized by Prof Deepti , have given me the sort of narrative building ideas that I have already starting applying in my digital marketing live project and will hopefully continue to implement.

Malhar Mahesh Maheshwari
Participant | IIM Indore


I would like to heartily thank you for an incredible course. The things we learned in the class in PR are going to immensely help us in the future.
We felt a sense of teamwork, responsibility and helped our communication and presentation skills once again as compared to other theoretical courses.
So again, thank you for introducing us to this whole new platform of unlimited opportunities.

Aman Gupta
Participant | IIM Indore

2018: talk at University of Oregon, USA