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International Yoga Day: June 21 - Uniting cultures through Yoga

In a book titled “The Last Queen of Kashmir”, the protagonist faces her final exam after rigorous years of studying ancient scriptures and yoga. She is asked to observe the first ray of sunlight illuminating a dewdrop on a leaf and articulate her understanding of its significance. Her answer sends r…

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What Brands can learn from the Olympics

I am currently teaching a course on Public Relations in one of the country’s premiere B-schools and when a discussion about Brands creating narratives around events surfaced, the conversation veered towards Olympics and the way brands were “cashing in” on this once in a four year event in rather u…

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Dance in every step

A heavy summer drizzle followed by a gust a wind has thrown a carpet of dust on the stage. It is a lazy Sunday evening, but the trickle of audience into the amphitheatre is steady. A renowned Kathak exponent is compeering the show-“I welcome my connoisseurs of art lovers in the cultural capital My…

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